DISPATCHERS WANTED: CDS is looking for VOLUNTEER DISPATCHERS for it's CW1NY RADIO SYSTEM. If you are familiar with public safety radio in the NYC metro area, are multi-task capable, computer literate and have time to donate, CALL 718-266-7807
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Like us on the Citywide Disaster Services Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Citywide-Disaster-Services/383070248458927
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CDSNY services are available upon official request by Authorized Emergency Services Agencies and by community based organizations for non-emergency events. Request can be made by calling 718-763-3000 or by email at Logictics@cdsny.org
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In The Event Of A DISASTER Or MAJOR STORM, "TEXT" Instead Of Making Cellular Voice Calls!
Apr 17, 2013 12:27

NYC OFFICE Of EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT WEBSITE: http://www.nyc.gov/html/oem/html/home/home.shtml
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For Non-Emergencies In NYC Call 311. Use 911 For Emergencies Only!
Mar 13, 2013 11:02

Do I need a special 2/way radio to use on the CDS frequency?
Most UHF 2/way radios can be programmed to operate on the CDS Alert channels
If we don't have a radio what do we do?
CDS does not sell any radio equipment but can give you an authorized vendor where you can purchase a radio from
Can I use my existing Police InterLock, InterWatch or QueensWatch radio?
Yes, in most cases we can even program your in house radio channels as long as your radios system is utilizing the same frequency range.
How much does each service cost?
Each program, CityWide and CityLink are $365 each, just a dollar a day. Members that utilize both systems will receive a discount.
Who is monitoring the CityLink Frequency?
Trained emergency response personnel handle your calls 24/7/365 from our secure centralized dispatch facility. These emergency responders utilize protocols established by the Police Department.
Will the CityLink System handle non-emergency calls?
The system is designed to respond to emergency requests, however in cases of public safety related scenarios that are not emergency yet may impact or degrade public safety will be provided assistance.
What is the difference between CityLink and CityWide?
CityLink is designed for members to report emergency situations that effect public and life safety at there facilities. For more details on CityLink click here..... CityWide is a private two-way interoperability network that allows members to receive and request information about ongoing incidents that may impact public safety at member facilities.
Can the CityLink and CityWide Systems exist in the same radio?
Yes, a CityLink radio can easily be programmed for CityWide free of charge. A CityWide radio will require the installation of the AIB to operate on CityLink. Please contact the CDS office for radio compatibility.
Where can I get a CityWide or CityLink Radio?
CDS does not sell the radios for the CityLink or CityWide networks. Please contact either of the following vendors for sales, repair, and or questions regarding radios. The AIB board is proprietary to CDS and only these vendor have been qualified to sell and service the AIB for the CityLink network.
Altech Electronics 718-266-7863
Communications System Management 718-336-5500

To learn more, or learn to become a participant, contact us at (718) 763-3000 or info@cdsny.org